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Personal Finance and Planning for Retirement with Damion Lupo

April 6, 2020

What’s going on everybody!? Welcome to Cashflow 2 Freedom.

As always, I’m excited as ever to bring you another incredible episode. This time, we have the pleasure of spending some time with Damion Lupo.

Damion’s personal finance and investing journey started when he was in college. His college didn’t last long however, as he was kicked out for refusing to shut down a bookstore that he had started that was putting the campus bookstore out of business. Damion obviously didn’t stop there.

A huge topic of discussion throughout this podcast is taking action… massive action. Damion shares how he went from investing in one house, to investing in one hundred and fifty houses in three and a half years.

The Great Recession of 2008 however hit Damion hard and forced him to look at himself and his strategies moving forward. Damion shares how success was a horrible teacher, the importance of training, studying, and building a team around yourself for what it is that you want to succeed at. A common theme here at Cashflow 2 Freedom is that you cannot build success on an island, we have to have a team and resources outside of ourselves to deploy that allow us to reach our true potentials.

Going further into this episode we talk finance. We talk about retirement and how we can all diversify our investing strategies to be able to weather the ups and downs of the market. We talk about how critical financial literacy is in our journeys to financial freedom.

This episode is packed full of value and actionable steps that we can all take to continue moving the needle for ourselves towards financial freedom. Get that note book out, whatever it takes, but be sure to soak up all that Damion and this episode has to offer.

Thanks for listening everybody,

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