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Multi-Family Real Estate Investing | An Insider’s Look with Ashley Wilson aka BadAshInvestor

February 16, 2021

Welcome back everybody to the AJ Osborne podcast!

I have an incredible guest lined up for you all today that I know you’re going to enjoy and take a lot away from. Our guest today is the one and only Bad Ash Investor herself Ashley Wilson.

As you know, I’m quite the fan of real estate and the amazing advantages it provides for offsetting taxes, cashflow, diversifying income, and much more. Ashley also loves real estate and shares with us today how she went from simply house hacking one of her first homes, to now owning and operating 600 multifamily units.

Initially when Ashley began house hacking, she did some short and long term single family rentals. Shortly after though, she partnered with her dad who was a contractor, and began flipping homes. Then like most investing strategies, she decided to take everything to the next level and began investing in multifamily. Fast forward to today and she’s doing multifamily syndication, has 600 units, and is in the planning process of actually developing a multifamily complex from the ground up. In short… she’s killing it!

We cover a ton of ground in today’s episode talking everything from CAP Rate compression currently in the multifamily industry, the cost of capital and what that means to you, lending and the current rates, how COVID has affected the multifamily industry, and then… we talk the big stuff.

How does Ashely find deals? What is she looking for when she’s trying to find a good value add opportunity? How is she finding good markets to invest in? How is she analyzing these markets?

This is just the tip of the iceberg.

Ashley also shares with us what she’s focused on for the future and what she’s projecting for multifamily in 2021. You might also want to pick up a copy of Ashley’s best selling book “The Only Women in the Room”, which focuses on women in real estate and all the amazing work they’re doing across the various real estate asset classes and investment strategies. It’s totally awesome. There’s a link below to grab a copy.

Thanks for listening everybody and we’ll see you next time,


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