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Making the Leap from Career to Full Time Investor with Justin Hannah

February 9, 2021

Welcome back everybody to the AJ Osborne podcast! I’m excited to bring you yet another incredible guest for this episode todaywho shares a wealth of knowledge with us about real estate investing, family, and the process of building the life you’ve always dreamed of. It’s my pleasure to introduce you to full time real estate investor Justin Hannah.

We all dream about our perfect or ideal life - the house we’d like, our family, our income, our freedom. We often get caught up however on the end goal instead of focusing on the process that will get us to that end goal. This makes sense because a lot of what we need to do to reach our end goals makes us uncomfortable. We have to work extra hard, we have to deviate from our normal routines and the normal routines of those around us, we have to leave that job, we have to assume control and responsibility of everything in our working life… the list goes on. These can be huge and daunting, but they’re certainly worth it.

Justin is a perfect example of someone going through this exact process and today he shares that journey with us. We talk about the career lifestyle and the sense of security that a so called 9-5 job gives so many us. We talk about the massive shift in mindset from being in a career based job to becoming an investor. We even cover the very real fact that simply saving money for your future isn’t enough, that investing is the only way to truly secure your financial future. But how exactly do we do this and what exactly do we need to do?

We’re going to cover all of this in today’s episode and we’re going to dive into just how Justin made the shift from 9-5 to being a full time real estate investor. He shares the steps he took, strategies he’s using, and what the entire process has looked like for him and his family.

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Keep up with Justin on social media, his website, or even on his podcast:

Instagram: @justin.hannah365 - https://www.instagram.com/justin.hannah365/

Justin’s Website and Podcast: https://realestateinvesting365.co/

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