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How to Build an Empire No Matter What Your Circumstances Are with Ron Osborne

June 17, 2020

Welcome everybody to the Cashflow 2 Freedom podcast! This episode is one near and dear to me. It’s an episode that I’m super excited to share with you all, even more than usual. Reason being, today we have the pleasure of hearing an amazing story of an individual who broke a generational cycle of extreme poverty and who has built an empire for himself and his family.

This incredible individual is my amazing dad Ron Osborne.

My dad shares his story from start to finish, how he’s gone from losing his father at age 10, to being brought up in a poverty stricken home, to putting in the work and discipline to break what seemed like an impossible cycle of hardship, to living the life he truly wants and enjoys living for himself and his family. My dad is one of my biggest role models and has built the foundations in me that have helped drive my life to where it is today. Throughout this podcast, my dad openly shares the exact foundations he’s built his empire upon that you can deploy in your own life or business to drive you forward.

We talk strategy, mindset, identifying opportunity, keys that Ron believes have had a monumental impact on his continued successes, and so much more.

Break out the notebook, listen to this episode over and over, whatever it takes, just be sure to extract every ounce of value that’s laid out in this legendary podcast.

Thanks for listening everybody,

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