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How to Build an Amazing Team - Getting to the Next Level

August 24, 2020

Hey everybody, welcome back to the Cashflow 2 Freedom podcast. This is your host AJ Osborne.

I’m super excited to discuss in depth our topic today. What is that topic? Building your team.

Most of you here are like us, we’re all about growth, moving the needle, and deploying time, resources, and value in the most effective and efficient ways. We’re obsessed with this, and for good reason. Accomplishing all of this is what allows us to scale and grow in every aspect of our lives. To accomplish those things successfully, we have to build teams.

How do you build a team? Where do you even start? Who do you hire first and for what job?

These are all questions we have to answer as we reach these stages of scale in our businesses and operations. There’s an art and science to this process, like everything else, and to be successful, it's an art and science we have to master. Will we get it right every time? No, but getting it right a majority of the time is crucial to our continued success.

This is exactly what we’re going to cover in today’s episode. How to hire, when to hire, what to expect when you hire. This all applies, whether you’re hiring contractors or your very own employees.

This a value packed episode, so be ready to take notes, dive in, and get ready to take your endeavors to the next level.

Thanks for tuning in everybody,

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