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How to be Successful in Real Estate with Dave Seymour

July 6, 2021

Welcome back everybody to the AJ Osborne Podcast! I’m your host, AJ Osborne!

Alright, so I feel like I need to prepare you for this incredible guest episode today…. You better be ready for some laughs, some value bombs, and some great company. It’s my absolute pleasure to introduce you to the one and only Dave Seymour, and you better buckle up because this episode was a total hoot!

You might recognize the name from A&E’s hit show ‘Flipping Boston’. Dave shares his story about how he got into the real estate investing world after realizing that the ‘trading time for money’ game wasn’t one he wanted to play. He wanted to become an investor and live his life how he wanted when he wanted.

We talk a lot about overall real estate as you might guess, but Dave also takes us in-depth behind the veil of his very first deal, to building his portfolio of buy and holds. Dave shares his thoughts on the current state of the real estate market, as this is a huge question on all of our minds. “Where is this journey going and how long is it going to last?” Not only does he share key insights into the market currently, but he also shares some great advice on how to take advantage of opportunities, no matter what the markets are doing.

Really at the end of the day, it’s all about recognizing opportunity and acting on it.

Get ready for an awesome fun-filled episode that’s packed with tons of value.

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