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From Nothing to Multiple Multi-million Dollar Businesses - The Value Add Strategy

November 10, 2020

Welcome back everybody to the AJ Osborne Show, this is your host AJ Osborne!

Today is kind of an impromptu episode that we wanted to get out and share with you guys. It was a late evening at the office and we had some discussions come up that we had to be sure to share.

To kick the podcast off, Roc gives you all an update on one of our most recent projects… the old Idaho Statesman building located here in Boise Idaho. For those of you that don’t know, the Idaho Statesman was a news paper company here in the Boise area. As you all absolutely DO know… the news paper business hasn’t been doing well, which is why the building was up for sale.

Roc shares with you guys how he identified the building initially, his discussions with the broker, how we evaluated the value of the building, and why this was such a great property to move on. Mind you - we started looking at this building and got it under contract in the height of COVID 19 (April 2020 timeframe). There was a ton of uncertainty and fear, and things were a bit chaotic. Even still, we maintained our cool, kept our wits about us, stuck to our investment criteria, and just as planned, this purchase will absolutely be a great move for us.

Outside of that, Roc also shares some key insights into one of our online businesses. This is a business that we purchased for around $250k, the company just months later is now worth over $1Million.

Roc shares how he identified this online business, how increased revenue by double and the profit by triple, and what the plans are for the company moving forward.

The basis of our discussion today really touches on our core strategy of everything we do - value add. This is a strategy that can be applied to any industry, product, service, you name it. You just have to be able to identify the value drivers and be able to leverage those drivers to deploy and extract the utmost value. Simply put - bring value better. Find and fill people’s actual needs.

Lastly, as it was election night when we recorded this episode, we talk briefly about the election and what it means for us as business owners, entrepreneurs, and citizens of the United States.

Thanks for listening everybody,

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