AJ Osborne Podcast

Wealth Preservation & Estate Planning with Steve Goodman

February 3, 2021

Welcome back everybody to the AJ Osborne Podcast! I’m super excited about today’s episode because we have another amazing guest lined up for you today.

Our guest today is the one and only Steve Goodman. For over 30 years Steve has helped clients navigate the challenges of business succession, the preservation of wealth, charitable planning, and has helped address the various wealth planning needs of high net worth individuals. Apart from that, Steve was also the Vice President of the Trust and Investment Division of JP Morgan Chase. To say Steve has an incredible amount of knowledge and experience… would be a huge understatement.

Steve has an incredible amount of great insights for us today on this podcast from wealth preservation, to estate planning, to taxes, and more. Because let’s be honest here - most of us don’t want to work decades to build the life and opportunities we have, only for our families to lose them after we die.

We talk about the biggest issues he sees people having when it comes to estate planning. We talk policies and administrations and how these factors can vastly affect your planning for the future.

We also dive into what you need to know in regard to taxes, government leadership and spending, and what that all means for us and our assets. It’s critical we understand the inner workings of the systems and powers that be. Lastly, Steve shares with us what we can all do right now today to get our plans for the future squared away or even in motion.

Listen in, be ready to take notes, and be sure to check out Steve Goodman's websites below.

Thanks everybody,


Steve’s website: https://stevengoodman.biz/

Steve’s Business SHG Planning: https://www.shgplanning.com/about-us/

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