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Travel Hacks and Building Your Best Life with Yan Stavisski

June 29, 2020

What’s going on everybody!? Welcome back to another episode of the Cashflow 2 Freedom Podcast. Today, we cover a ton of ground (pun intended).

Our guest today is travel hacker and expert Yan Stavisski.

Yan has been to hundreds of countries and regions around the globe. We’re not just talking flying coach either. We’re talking $20,000 first class flights to top destinations around the world… most all for free or for a few hundred bucks.

Yan walks us through his journey from falling in love with travel, to figuring out strategies to travel hack, to investing in real estate. Most importantly however, Yan shares his hardships and lessons learned along the way.

One of the biggest themes that came away from this episode is this - change your environment and change your future. Tune in and hear how Yan changed his environment and went from having no direction to living the life he’s always wanted.

Keep up with Yan on Instagram at instagram.com/king.credit/

Thanks for listening everybody,

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