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The Wealth Building Strategy You’ve Never Heard of with Tom Laune

March 9, 2021

Welcome back everybody to the AJ Osborne Podcast!


We have an incredible guest lined up for you guys today that is going to share some amazing looks behind the curtain of wealth building. It’s my pleasure to welcome and introduce Tom Laune.


Tom wasn’t always in the financial industry. He actually worked an exciting job in the music industry for 29 incredible years as a producer and mix engineer. Due to partial hearing loss, Tom unfortunately had to exit the music industry. But he didn’t stop there.


Tom had always been passionate and interested in the wealth building process and finance. This being the case, Tom decided to go back to school and is now a financial consultant for clients across the country. But what is Tom doing in the world of finance and investing that sets him and his clients apart?


Before we get to that - have you ever wondered how banks use the money that you give to them? No, it’s not just sitting in a vault. When you deposit that money into your accounts at your bank, they immediately turn around and leverage (or lend) that money to borrowers at an insane ratio of 10 to 1. This means that after banks build up and meet their required reserve amount, or the amount of cash they are required to have on hand, the banks start lending YOUR money at that 10 to 1 ratio and earning interest. So for every dollar they hold, they leverage ten, and make money using YOUR money. This process is what we’ve come to call fractional banking.


Banks sure do have a great set up right!? But what if you could actually operate just like the banks? What if you could become your own bank?


Well you can.


This is what Tom is here to share with us today. He’s going to dive into his bullet proof wealth building strategy where he shares with us exactly how we can start operating and building wealth just like a bank. We talk about the tools to leverage and deploy to get you there and this amazing process of taking control of your money and not giving it to a bank. We also dive more into this concept of fractional lending or banking, infinite banking or sound money theory, inflation and deflation, and more.


All I have to say is get those note books ready.

Thanks everybody,



Keep up with Tom on his website Stress Free Planning:


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