AJ Osborne Podcast

The Current Climate in Business and Entrepreneurship

July 2, 2020

Welcome everyone to Cashflow 2 Freedom. This is AJ, your host. I hope you’re all doing great and you’re out there crushing it, making things happen.

There’s no two ways about it, the current climate in the economy, business, and society as a whole can seem turbulent and more uncertain than ever. Times like these bring us the value of perspective and reflection. We start to challenge our ideas and dig deep to uncover the causes and effects of great businesses and economies.

These are topics of discussion throughout today’s podcast. We go from what causes recessions, to the domino effect of uncertain times, to inflation and the value of money, to the ever changing landscape of technology and business.

This is one of those episodes where we kick back and dive deep into these business and economic concepts that shape our everyday realities.

Thanks for listening everybody,

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