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Real Estate Investment Strategy to Generate Above Average Returns with Blake Templeton

May 19, 2020

Welcome everybody to another episode of Cashflow 2 Freedom!

Our guest today is Blake Templeton, CEO of Boron Capital. So who is Blake and just what does Boron Capital specialize in? This clip from Blake’s website boroncap.com will help set the stage:

“Over the past 13 years, Blake has built a private investment firm that specializes in acquiring and developing corporate housing, luxury rentals, and event venue investments in emerging real estate markets, while providing above average returns to his partner investors. Blake has extensive knowledge and expertise in residential and commercial real estate and he has worked with some of the biggest names in the industry. In the last 13 years, his firm has closed over 300+ real estate transactions and most recently has developed a full service corporate housing investment in which Boron Capital owns and manages.”

Apart from that introduction, Boron Capital currently has over $100 Million under management and is poised to keep growing.

That said, today’s episode is packed with value. Blake shares his three dimensional investment strategy and how it has enabled him to consistently generate above average returns. Within his three dimensional strategy, we go into what exact assets to buy and how he identifies these assets.

Also, given the nature of our current economic uncertainty due to Covid-19, Blake shares his insights on the economy and capital markets and what he’s expecting to see over the next few months in this uncharted territory.

Be sure to check out Boron Captial’s website at: https://boroncap.com/meet-the-ceo/

Thanks for tuning in everybody! See you next time.

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