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Real Estate Investing - Getting Started on YOUR Path to Investing Success with Ali Boone

October 27, 2020

Welcome back everybody to the Cashflow 2 Freedom podcast, this is your host, AJ Osborne.

Today is a special episode where we get to welcome back an incredible return guest - Ali Boone. If you listened to her first episode here on th Cashflow 2 Freedom, you’ll remember that her episode was unfortunately cut short by a crazy random earthquake that we experienced during recording.

It’s an absolute pleasure to welcome her back and to have her on the show again. It all worked out well because Ali just recently published her book “Not Your How To Guide to Real Estate Investing”. Yes you read that correctly - NOT your how to guide. This book is a totally different spin on the real estate world that is very much needed. Ali’s aim with the book was to add some fun, some personality, and some help to address the massive failure rate of those who are just starting their real estate investing journey.

We also dive into the importance of identifying your ideal investment strategy. Think about it - you spend 5 years of your life learning and starting down a real estate investment path… only to find out, the path was A LOT different than what you thought or planned for it to be. Time is valuable and if we don’t correctly identify our end goal and align our actions and our path with that goal, we lose massive amounts of time and opportunity. Ali is here to help you skip that devastation and heartache so you can get on YOUR path to real estate investment success.

Get ready to get inspired and motivated so you can get out there and make things happen.

Thanks for listening everybody and we’ll see you next time!

Be sure to keep up with Ali:
Ali’s Website: https://www.aliboone.com/
Ali’s Turn Key Website: https://www.hipsterinvestments.com/
Get Ali’s New Book for FREE: https://www.hipsterinvestments.com/2freebook

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