AJ Osborne Podcast

Being paralyzed | What it was like becoming completely paralyzed from a rare disease

January 2, 2020

From being paralyzed by a rare disease to living every minute of life. AJ's story of a near-death experience is not to be missed. Sometimes, freedom is just a state of mind. 

Over two years ago out of the blue, my legs stopped working. Within days the rest of my body stopped working. I was hooked up to tubes to survive. I couldn't move, eat, talk or breathe. 

This is my story. It's not pretty, fun, exciting, or motivating. I just wanted to tell it like it really was. Horrifying. I did my best. I worked every day to survive. I didn't give up (even tho at times I wanted to die). 

I was trapped in my head. Unable to communicate. Unable to tell others the unbelievable pain I was in.

It's heavy but I didn't want to church it up. I wanted to give it to you how it really was.

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