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Our Monster Plans for 2020 | Cashflow 2 Freedom 15 Minute Friday

January 10, 2020

Hey everybody!

I know, I know… it’s been a while since we’ve done a Cashflow 2 Freedom Fifteen Minute Friday. With the New Year, there were a few things I wanted to cover and share with you. 

I’m not really about New Year’s resolutions, but I do take time to reflect on the prior year and plan for the big changes I need to make to continue learning and growing. 

So what am I focused on this year? 

It’s simple – tactics, strategies, and changes that are going to propel me and my overall goals into the future. 

I don’t remember where I saw it or who said it but a quote I came across has stuck with me for years and it went something like this: “Successful companies are not the biggest, not the smartest, they are the companies willing to change.”

This doesn’t mean you should, or that you have to change your overall goal for your life. It simply recognizes the fact that everything in the world is constantly moving, constantly changing, and that we have to be able to change and adapt if we truly want to grow and accomplish our true potential. 

So what big thing am I doing specifically to continue to change and grow this year? 

I’m starting another company that will drive me and my investment goals forward that’s going to move the needle in a serious way. I talk about this company, what it is, and what my plans are for it. 

I also dive into a few other topics such as: 

A brief market overview of this crazy bull market we’ve experienced over the past decade, how monetary policy controls the market, how to stop inflation, and the importance of diversification across asset classes. 

I talk about my own sources of wealth, my revenue streams and how I’ve chosen to diversify them, and I also share the one and only place where I use debt and what my exact debt ratio is. 

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See you next time everybody,


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