AJ Osborne Podcast

Maximizing Yourself, Staying on Track, and Leaving the Heard Behind

July 17, 2020

What’s going on everybody!? Welcome back to the Cashflow 2 Freedom podcast!

If you’ve taken a look out your window, checked your social media feed, or turned on the television recently you’re probably aware of everything going on here in the United States. We have Corona Virus, we have riots, we have protests, we have social media, we have politics… we have A LOT of noise. Unfortunately a lot of us like to seek out this noise as a distraction from our everyday lives. This noise can and often does negatively redirect our lives and our goals.

If we allow it, our thoughts and emotions can be hijacked by these external factors. Not only that, this can also lead to us continually wanting to escape our own reality instead of living it. This is where today’s episode comes in.

Today we wanted to talk through these external forces, these factors, and the effects they can have on us. We talk about the importance of self auditing our everyday lives to ensure we’re maximizing our time and resources and staying on track to achieve the goals we’ve set. We talk about the heard mentality and the awful side effects it can have in business and investing, fake perceptions versus reality, and simply facing truths.

This an in depth episode that a lot of us really need to hear, especially today when we have such huge distractions screaming for our attention every second of every day.

Listen in, take a deep breath, and stay the course.

Thanks for listening everybody, we’ll see you next time,


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