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How to Structure & Put Together Great Real Estate Deals with Lance Pederson

April 13, 2021

Welcome back everybody to the AJ Osborne podcast! I’m excited you’re here and even more excited about the great guest I have on the podcast for you today.

It’s my pleasure to introduce you to the one and only Lance Pederson.

Lance helps investors navigate what so many believe to be the complexities of the investment world. I say, “what so many believe to be the complexities” because as we discuss in this episode, there are a ton of investors out there focusing on the completely and totally wrong things. To that, Lance has helped and been a part of over 190 engagements regarding the advisement and structuring of deals.

There are a lot of pieces to put together, you have the deal, money, legal, accounting, transaction, due diligence… the list goes on and on. You can’t and shouldn’t be wasting your valuable time and resources on spinning your wheels (or anyone else’s).

Lance shares some incredible insights today about deal structures and the potential pros and cons of those structures, raising money and the different avenues to accomplish your capital raise goals, fund structures and a ton more regarding the deals and structuring of those deals.

We also jump into economics and discuss what he’s seeing across the country. We talk real estate and the most popular assets he’s seeing come across his table, and he even shares some of key industry insights into what issues he’s seeing in the real estate industry, and where the opportunities may be.

This was one of those conversations that we could have explored all day long and this episode is PACKED with awesome and valuable information that I haven’t seen much anywhere else.

Be sure to keep up with Lance on his website and podcast:


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