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How to Set and Achieve Huge Goals

January 14, 2020

Well everybody, it’s brand new year and a brand-new decade. What does that mean? Pretty much the same thing it means every New Year – people set goals and take up new resolutions. But what’s the biggest issue people have with New Year’s resolutions?

Yep, you got it – the issue is people not following through with them and therefor not achieving them. 

This is what I want to talk about in today’s episode of Cashflow 2 Freed – how to identify, plan, and organize your goals in a way that empowers you to not only achieve your goals, but to live your life by them. 

Goals should be looked at as a lifestyle choice that are long lasting, that you do simply because you love to do them, or you love the result that it creates. But that’s a huge thought right!? How in the world can you possibly set such huge goals and actually achieve them? 

It all comes down to planning and execution and that’s exactly what I’m going to share with you guys today. I want to share a process with you that will help you that will again, help you to identify, plan, and organize your goals, but it will also help you a huge way to figure out the exact steps you need to take and the execution of those steps. 

This episode is full of value on how to get from A-Z but some great take-aways here are:

  • To gain knowledge, both about yourself and what it is you truly want to do. 
  • The importance of surrounding yourself with people who believe your vision, are invested in it, and who also have long term visions.
  • Being willing to change and adapt your approach, your path, your ideas, and everything in between that are necessary for you to accomplish your big over-all vision. 

Get at me on social media and let me know what your big goals are for this New Year and what your big goals are for your life!


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How to look at your goals as lifestyle choices that are long lasting, that you do because you love to do them. 

This same idea applies to start-ups. 

Identify a need in the market, don’t just follow your passion. 

Balance between humility and understanding with drive and confidence. 

Gain knowledge to gain humility 

Economic success is a function of how much you give, not how much you get. 

Your goals need to be about building infrastructure to deliver value. 

Two sides or kinds of people to creating and executing a plan, they have to work with one another: 

smart goals (small measurable)

Dream big (huge strong)

Don’t change your overall vision – be willing to change your path to reach that overall vision is key

First step to understanding your big overall goal and how to get there by breaking it down to small, actionable and measurable steps. 

The importance of surrounding yourself with people who also have a long term vison with you and your goals

How to get from A-Z and stay on track

You need to have tons of reflection time when figuring out your big vision/goal. Know what YOU want. 

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