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How to Manage Your Investment Properties and Grow Your Business with Laurence Jankelow

October 1, 2020

Welcome back everybody to the Cashflow 2 Freedom Podcast! This is your host AJ Osborne.

I hope you’re all doing great and you’re out there crushing it as always. Today, we have another incredible guest on the podcast for you who definitely IS crushing it. Our guest today is real estate investor and software developer Laurence Jankelow.

Laurence is the Co-Founder of a landlord software solution called Avail. Avail is a robust and easy to use software solution that allows DIY landlords to better manage their assets and their tenants.

Years ago as a landlord himself, Laurence had tried to find a software solution that was functional and relevant to his needs. However, every solution available at the time was large and overly complicated systems built only for institutional investment firms. Unable to find a solution, and like all of us being the entrepreneurs we are, Laurence decided he would make a solution, go so far as to even learn coding to build out the first layers of his software solution.

Avail, the software he created helps landlords find tenants, collect rents, track data, and more. Laurence shares his investment and entrepreneurship journey with us from start to finish. He also shares some invaluable insights into current rental data, the continued automation of the rental industry, their exact process for screening and identifying the best tenants, how he started and grew his company, what metrics of growth are important for a company to analyze, and what advice he would offer to those starting their own companies.

This is a value packed episode and I couldn’t be more excited to get this out to you guys. As always, thanks so much for listening and we’ll be in touch.


Check out Laurence’s software solution Avail at: avail.co

Or email Laurence directly at laurence@avail.co

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