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How to Invest in Manufactured Homes with Andrew Keel

April 16, 2020

Alright everybody, by popular demand, we another incredible guest episode today with Andrew Keel who specializes in manufactured home investing.

If you’ve thought at all about investing in manufactured homes, this is the podcast you absolutely need to listen to. Even if you’re thinking about breaking into real estate investing in general, this will be a podcast you’ll want to listen to. The opportunities that manufactured homes can provide beginning investors can be huge.

Throughout this episode Andrew shares his wealth of knowledge surrounding the manufactured home industry, the opportunities that are there, the massive demand, and also what exactly he looks for when he’s looking for a great deal.

Andrew now owns sixteen communities with several others currently under contract.

Listen in and hear Andrew’s amazing story of going from buy a couple manufactured homes, watching a simple YouTube video on how to make money in the industry, to now owning a manufactured home empire that is rapidly growing.

Also, Andrew shares a few resources for anyone looking to get started investing in this amazing asset class.

His recommendations:
Mobile Home University
Frank Rolfe’s MH Mastery Podcast
Jefferson Lilly
Jefferson Lilly Podcast
Kevin Bupp Podcast

You can also contact Andrew on his website at andrewkeel.com

Thanks everybody!

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