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How to Grow Massive Wealth - AJ’s Key Insights to Help You Grow Your Net Worth

October 15, 2020

Welcome back everybody to the Cashflow 2 Freedom Podcast, this your host AJ Osborne.

We all have these end goals right - we want to make x amount of money per year, we want to start and run a successful business, we want to invest and grow our wealth and our net worth to new heights. We all know how difficult it is and can be to navigate our way to these goals. Now imagine for a moment - trying to navigate towards or trying to achieve these goals… without the most important tool you need… a map and plan.

This is no different and actually directly correlates with our personal finances and how we look at and manage our finances to ultimately drive our successes. This is what we’re going to focus on in today’s episode.

We’re going to look at the relationship between income and net worth, the difference between the two, and one of the biggest misconceptions about income and net worth. We also dive into the compounding of capital and thus wealth, understanding your wealth vehicle, and probably one of the most important thing we could all understand better… the real value of a dollar.

The value of the dollar itself changes over time, as most of us know. However, we seldom take into account the value of that dollar if it were invested and compounded over time. This is a huge mistake that so many of us make and something I wanted to be sure to include in today’s episode.

We also talk about the importance of treating your personal finance like a business and the factors we need to be taking into account when planning our personal finances.

I hope you all enjoy today’s episode and you start planning for your vision of the future so you can achieve it and truly live it.

We’ll see you next time everybody,

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