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How to Create Huge Success in Real Estate Through Ups and Downs with Kevin Bupp

April 11, 2020

What is going on everyone, welcome to Cashflow 2 Freedom!

As always, we’re super excited to bring this episode to you all. We have a special guest on the show today who has been in real estate for over twenty years and now invests heavily in manufactured home communities. It’s my pleasure to welcome Kevin Bupp, CEO of Sunrise Capital Investors.

Kevin got his start in real estate at the early age of nineteen by finding and working with a mentor. As you hear from most any successful individual, the importance of finding a mentor is critical. We go over exactly how Kevin built a relationship with his mentor that helped propel him to the successes he experiences today.

Kevin is a wealth of knowledge across many different real estate asset classes. From owning over one hundred single family homes, to several hundred apartment doors, to commercial property and parking lots, to now owning several manufactured home communities, he’s done more than most.

But it wasn’t all sunshine and rainbows, 2008 did a number on Kevin and it took him years to find his real estate groove again. Kevin shares the lesson learned from the financial crisis of 2008 and how that has shaped his investing today.

Being that 90% of Kevin’s portfolio is manufactured home communities, we touch on this industry, why he’s chosen to invest in it, what kind of communities he looks for, and what his strategies are to buy and immediately force value.

This is just the tip of the iceberg. As always, get your notes ready and learn how Kevin has built his real estate empire.

Be sure to check out Kevin’s website where he has tons of awesome resources and content.

And keep up to date with Kevin’s company Sunrise Capital Investors.

Until next time gang!


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