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How to Build Wealth BETTER with the Engineer of Finance Ken Greene

December 15, 2020

Welcome back everybody to the AJ Osborne podcast, this is your host AJ Osborne.

Today we have another incredible guest for you - the one and only Ken Greene, or as others like to call him - The Engineer of Finance.

Ken started his journey as an engineer but discovered that his path had to change. He decided that insurance or finance was going to be his future and he ultimately came to rest on the world of finance. But it was everything but rest when he dove into the financial industry.

Everywhere Ken looked, there were financial gurus striking huge success. There was only one issue… where was their client’s success?

Come to find out, Ken discovered that the majority of the finance world was built around making the financial industry money… not making the clients of the financial industry money (YOU). Unfortunately the financial industry has created a number of tools and systems that help build their own wealth and success, usually leaving clients with sub par returns and little solutions that actually serve people’s best interests.

Ken set out to tackle this issue and flip the script. He wanted to put the power back into your hands as an investor and that’s exactly what he’s doing for his clients today.

In today’s episode we talk about various aspects of the financial industry that EVERYONE should know and understand. We talk about the importance of liquidity, the velocity of money, breaking the financial mould, how to get in the path of money, and how to get out of the game you’re being convinced to play, a game you can never win.

Gear up and get ready to take notes. This isn’t an episode you’ll want to just put on and listen to once. Listen again and again. Soak up all this great info and put the power back into your hands and the dollars back into your pocket.

Thanks everybody,

Be sure to keep up with Ken on his website at: www.engineeroffinance.com

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