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How To Build Massive Wealth Fast with Tim Bratz

November 13, 2019

What’s going on Freedom Fighters, today we’ve got another amazing episode here on the Cashflow 2 Freedom Podcast. 

I had the pleasure of sitting down with the one and only Tim Bratz - a successful commercial property investor in New York. How successful? Currently Tim has 3,200 apartment units and 2 self storage facilities coming in at a $300 million portfolio valuation. 

Tim started out as a real estate agent focusing on commercial space. Doing a few deals, Tim was able to see behind the curtain and figured out where the real value was - he needed to be owning real estate, not brokering it. 

Listen in and hear how Tim has gone from solo operator funding his first investment (a duplex with a credit card), to building an investment company, networking and sourcing millions of dollars in private capital to fund and acquire the best deals. 

We also go over the strategies Tim has used to build his $300 Million empire. What kind of deals does he look for? What kind of funding does he use and what are the terms? How does he handle investor relations? 

This in addition to us going over how he has built a successful top producing and performing investment business. How has he hired employees without reducing cashflow? How has he gotten comfortable giving up control of the company when hiring? What kind of people is he looking for to hire?

And as always we cover the subject of scale. We didn’t just want to talk about what Tim has accomplished, but how. How has he has scaled his process to be able to own and operate real estate at such a high level? 

Let me tell you, this is just the tip of the value iceberg Tim shares in this episode. 

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Topics of discussion include:

  • Financial Freedom
  • Creating Cash Flow
  • Real Estate
  • Self Storage
  • Buying Self Storage
  • Passive Income
  • Investing in Real Estate
  • Investing in Self Storage
  • Financial Freedom with Real Estate
  • Cashflow
  • Investments

Links:  https://cashflow2freedom.com

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