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How to Align Your Goals, Your Money, and Your Life with Jim Crider

June 6, 2021

Welcome back everybody to the AJ Osborne Podcast! I’m your host AJ Osborne!

One of the biggest stresses that most of us feel consistently throughout our lives is MONEY. Money problems can crush dreams, marriages, physical and mental health, and our lives as we know them. Money is a big deal to a lot of us, but how do we get to that place where money isn’t a problem, but more so an asset, a lever, and a tool for us to achieve everything we’ve dreamed of?

This is why I’m excited to have Jim Crider on the podcast today to help shed some light money and what we can do to set ourselves up for success.

Jim had originally been working in sales… he couldn’t stand it, didn’t think he was good at it, and ultimately decided he had to move on. This led him to be unemployed for about an 8 month period of time, which brought to light his own financial situation and stresses that he himself began to feel about money. These thoughts and stresses sparked his interest and set him on the path to financial planning.

Today we walk through some frameworks that will help you identify what your goals are, aligning your actions with those goals, and step by step how you can start working towards and start living the life you truly want to live.

This episode is full of value for anyone looking to get to a place where money, time, life, is completely aligned (which is the vast majority of us!). Take notes, soak it up, and start!

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