AJ Osborne Podcast

How Not to Fail - What You Need to do to Build Great Investments

December 22, 2020

Welcome back everybody to the AJ Osborne Podcast!

That’s right, we’re moving to totally re-brand the Cashflow 2 Freedom podcast to simply be the AJ Osborne podcast. There are a lot of reasons for this re-brand and I actually dive into some of the reasons why in the beginning of today’s podcast.

After we cover that, we’re going to get right to it - we’re going to get into entrepreneurial archetypes, the dangers, and what you need to know as a growing entrepreneur. So much of this has to do with the bigger picture of what it actually means to build a thriving company. It doesn’t have so much to do with what people think and feel.

Here are some of the topics we’re going to get into today that will help you shift your focus from where it is, to where it really matters:

What really makes a business successful? What really makes businesses fail? How do you plan for or limit the risk of failure?

I’m also going to share with you guys my very own driving investment principles, what I learned from the 2008 downturn, and how I’ve structured my investments to build both consistent cashflow and stability over time.

I don’t know about you guys, but when it comes to my financial future, my investments, and so forth, I don’t gamble. You shouldn’t either.

Thanks for listening everybody,


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