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How Introverts Can Win with Matthew Pollard (His Exact Step by Step Framework)

January 12, 2021

Welcome back everybody to the podcast, this is your host AJ Osborne!

We have another great guest episode here for you today with the one and only Matthew Pollard. Matthew has built several multi-million dollar companies and has helped other companies build systems that inspire massive and rapid growth. In fact, Matthew is even known as the “Rapid Growth Guy” due to his revolutionary but simplistic approaches to help people and companies move the needle towards greater growth.

Matthew shares with us today the exact steps he took to go from being an uncertain introverted salesman, to the top salesman in a company he was working at. This is a perfect example of how we can take control and live the lifestyles we want to live by making a plan and mastering a skill set.

We dive into the importance of finding not just any mentor, but the best mentor - one that matches your goals and your characteristics. We talk about problems and using them as a way to not find, but to develop solutions, creating systems for yourself to create and experience massive growth, and more.

If you’ve been feeling stagnant, like you’re ready for your next big move, this is an episode you won’t want to miss.

Thanks for listening everybody,

Be sure to check out Matthew’s website and keep up with all the great info he’s putting out (and don’t forget to check out his new book!):

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