AJ Osborne Podcast

Growing Wealth Through Business Acquisition with Codie Sanchez

July 19, 2021

Welcome back everybody to the AJ Osborne Podcast! I’m your host, AJ Osborne! 


It’s my honor and my pleasure to introduce you to the one and only Codie Sanchez. Codie has a background in finance and also worked as a journalist who covered some of the darkest and heaviest subject matter you could as a journalist - human trafficking. It was after this that she chose to pursue a career in finance. Reason being, she recognized that the placement of capital was what actually brought about change and impact to address world issues. As she says here in this podcast, the power of the pen is mighty, but the power of capital is mighty-er.


Codie got interested in buying businesses soon after by realizing the huge need and desire there is in the market place for business owners looking to offload their companies. Through this, we talk about everything from buying and selling businesses, to debt and how to use it to your advantage, the value of doing hard things, mindset, and a ton more. 


Tune in, take notes, and we’ll see you next time! 


Thanks everybody!


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