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From Zero to Purchasing a Half Million Dollar Investment Property

March 10, 2020

Welcome back everybody to another episode of Cashflow 2 Freedom!

If you know us or have listened to this podcast for any amount of time at all, you know we love investing in real estate. The returns you can force (and not just hope and pray for), the tax strategies, the processes and systems you can put in place to scale to grow wealth quickly… The list of reasons why we love investing in real estate could go on and on.

You all obviously know Roc, the co-host of C2F. Well in just a matter of a few years he’s gone from nothing to now purchasing a half million dollar real estate asset - a triplex located in a hip and bustling part of Boise, Idaho.

This certainly didn’t happen overnight however. We dive into how Roc has set himself up and how he has put himself into position over the past several years to be able to accomplish this huge goal.

We talk the financing, the rehab of the triplex, the cost, how the property is performing and expected to perform, and so much more.

We also talk about this journey of investing and entrepreneurship and the incredible power of compounding and playing the game with a long term view and strategy.

Now get to it, listen, take notes, and learn how you too can accomplish your real estate investing goals.

PS - I have some really exciting projects coming down the line, so be sure to stay up to date at cashflow2freedom.com.

Thanks everybody,

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