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Flips, Wholesalers, and Cashflowing Real Estate with Sean Pan

May 14, 2020

Welcome back everybody to Cashflow 2 Freedom!

Our awesome guest today is real estate investor Sean Pan. 

Sean, who as working as an electrical engineer, decided that financial freedom sounded a lot better than being an employee. He began searching for a solution that would get him on the path to financial freedom and ultimately decided that real estate was the wealth vehicle he was going to drive. It was scalable, one could manage the risks, and there were deals to be had. After studying, going to real estate meet ups, and networking, Sean decided it was time to jump in.

Using his salary from his job, he began purchasing by and hold rental properties in Florida. Living in southern California though, investing out of state was a challenge in and of itself. Sean walks us through how he found deals across the United States in Florida, how he set up a team to be able to get these deals and manage the properties afterwards, and more.

We also talk about the very real importance of diversifying your investments throughout different real estate asset classes and strategies to help limit your exposure to risk.

If you’re looking to get into real estate investing, this is a must listen episode. Sean shares tons of great information that can help you get on the path to achieving your financial freedom.

Sean also has a website, hosts his own podcast, and even organizes meet-ups for real estate professionals. Check all of that out on his website https://everythingrei.com/

Thanks for listening everybody,

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