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Financial Freedom through Turnkey Real Estate Investing with Ali Boone

April 7, 2020

What’s going on everybody!? AJ here with another episode of Cashflow 2 Freedom and do I have an episode for you guys today.

I’m joined by the one and only Ali Boone.

She shares in today’s episode how she went from the textbook approach of college and career, but was redirected to real estate investing.

Ali went to college and became an aerospace engineer, but knew immediately, day one, that a cubicle and the career lifestyle wasn’t going to cut it.

She began looking at options and over the next five years she was able to pivot to real estate investing, specifically in turn key products.

Ali goes over exactly what turn keys are, how she’s invested in them successfully, and how you can too.

If investing in real estate is something you’re interested in, don’t miss this episode because it’s packed full of invaluable advice that can help you make the leap.

Thanks a ton everybody,

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