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Don’t Bet Against America - The Future of the US Dollar & the Global Economy

August 25, 2020

Welcome back everybody to the Cashflow 2 Freedom podcast, this is your host AJ Osborne.

Today’s episode comes from a question I received at one of my speaking engagements. The question was - “Do you still invest in America?” The root of this question was in other words - do you still invest in the US economy and do you still invest in the US Dollar?

There are a multitude of factors affecting economies and values of currency. These effects don’t take place overnight and they often don’t stay for the long term. HIstory has positioned the US Dollar in a very advantageous place - I’m talking about the US Dollar being the reserve currency of a number of countries around the world. The US Dollar has also been used for currency swaps to help countries around the world to stabilize their currencies and economies.

These network effects, if you will of the US Dollar, are incredibly important factors to keep in mind when considering the value and stability of the US Dollar over the long term.

I dive into this network effect and these factors in today’s episode and how they work together to help give you an idea of where the US Dollar has been, and where it is today, and also my thoughts about the future of the US and global economies in relation to currencies.

What do you think about the US Dollar and the future of our global economy? Let me know in the comments, on social media, or on my website all linked below.

Thanks for listening for everybody,

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