AJ Osborne Podcast

Controlling Your Future Through Business & Investing

April 30, 2020

Hey everybody! AJ Osborne here, and welcome back to the Cashflow 2 Freedom podcast.

Today we’re going to talk about control - control of your business, control of your future, control of your life.

We see it all the time (especially right now with the events that COVID-19 has brought with it), business unfortunately failing. Not because they weren’t profitable, but because they didn’t have the foundations built that would allow them to thrive in any environment. It goes without saying, if you want to build a business, it is absolutely critical to build it right, and to build it right from the very beginning.

The current events taking place are a the perfect case study as to why this is so important. Companies like Airbnb, We Work, and the like have taken a massive hit these past few months as the world has all but stopped turning. And not only have these companies taken a massive hit, so have the companies and individuals who utilize their services and that invested in them.

But how, how can a multi-billion dollar company lose more than half its value in such a short time? How are so many other once profitable businesses failing?

Because they didn’t or they don’t own the systems that allow their businesses to operate, scale, and truly succeed in any market condition.

Today we’re going to talk about how you can take control of your business and your future. We talk about the importance of building a brand and truly owning the systems your business or your investments require to function.

Thanks for listening guys! We’ll see you next time!


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