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February 25, 2020

“I don’t want my business to grow.”
No One

What’s going on everybody!? AJ here with Cashflow2 Freedom. I’m really excited to get into today’s topic with you guys and to also have my trusty co-host Roc Pilon back in the house to help me cover this topic.

So many of us get into business with the idea that we’re going to start this business, launch this product, and so forth, and grow our company to replace our current income, or to grow it into an empire well beyond our current income.

But how do you get from A to Z?

And at what point do you formulate a plan to help you scale from $1 million in sales to $100 million?

And how do we break through those barriers we reach in our journey to scale? How do you make the leap from $1 million in sales to even $5 million in sales?

A lot of us start out with an idea of how we think this whole process will play out, and very few of us get it right the first time. It takes years of learning, usually via the school of hard knocks to finally figure it out. It takes systems, processes, and a well executed plan - all of which must be laid in the very foundations of your business from day one.

Roc and I cover all of this in today’s episode and help you figure out how to break through those barriers, how to scale, how to make your business more secure, reliable, profitable, and more importantly, how to get you working on the business and not in the business to help you get further down the path of financial freedom.

We’ll see you next time,

PS - be sure to check out the book ‘Rocket Fuel’


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