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Antoine Martel | Creating Opportunity When There Was None

February 18, 2020

What’s going on my fellow Freedom Fighters!? I hope you’re all doing amazing and you’re out crushing things and making it happen.

Man, where do I even begin… This was such an amazing, value packed episode I don’t even know where to start.

First things first though, let me introduce you to Antoine Martel. A 24 year old real estate investor who before graduating high school, decided that real estate was going to be his wealth vehicle.

Living in LA however, Antoine soon found out that the LA area for a beginning real estate investor was far too competitive. He spent two years learning in LA and finally made the choice that investing in LA just wasn’t going to work. Which was when he set his eyes on investment opportunities out of state.

After speaking with other successful investors and learning about where and how they were investing, Antoine found out that his investment capital could go much further in markets across the country. Deciding this was the path to go, Antoine began collecting data on cities all across the U.S. and narrowed his aim on a select few cities to begin prospecting.

From there, Antoine goes on to talk about how he found his very first deal, how he built out a team to manage properties out of state, how he scaled his investments into a flipping/turnkey investment business, and how and why he made the leap to investing in apartment buildings.

This could not be a more perfect example of someone starting from ground zero and building out a real estate empire - an empire that allowed him the freedom and ability to recently retire his parents.

This is what Cashflow 2 Freedom is all about and couldn’t be more excited to share Antoine’s story with you guys.

Be sure to keep up with Antoine and all the incredible work he’s doing:

Antoine's Instagram: @martelantoine 

Antoine’s Book: A Millennial’s Guide to Investing in Cash Flowing Rental Properties 

Until next time,


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