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An Uncertain Market and Where We Go From Here as Business Owners and Investors

March 20, 2020

As of today the Dow is down over 3,000 points and has become one of the worst drops in market history. The cause? No, not the coronavirus, but the way in which we the people are reacting to it. We need to understand, we alone can make or break a market.

The mass hysteria that we’ve seen across the U.S. is having a massive trickle down effect on the state of the market both here in the U.S. and globally.

This is the discussion we’re having today on Cashflow 2 Freedom.

What are we seeing in the market, what are we paying attention to? But more importantly what are we seeing and doing in our own businesses to not only limit our exposure to this downturn, but what we’re doing to take advantage of situations such as these to keep our businesses moving forward.

It’s absolutely critical to keep and maintain a long term view so that you, your investments, and ultimately your future can come out on the other side still breathing, or even thriving.

AJ shares what he learned in the 2008 recession that has prepared him to survive downturns like the one we’re seeing today. Roc also shares strategies he’s deploying for his online businesses to ensure their profitable - such as cutting expenses and optimizing where it really matters.

We also talk about the difference between this downturn and the 2008 financial crisis. These two situations are drastically different and we’ll explain why.

Thanks for tuning in everybody, keep sending me your emails and contacting me with your questions.


** For updates on the Covid-19 Virus, you can check out the Center for Disease Control (CDC) website to learn how to ptortect yourself and your loved ones and what to do if you get sick. 



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