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$250K to $1 Million in 6 Months, Our Private Equity Company, & Building Success in Everything You Do

August 24, 2020

Welcome back everybody to the Cashflow 2 Freedom Podcast. This is your host AJ Osborne.

Today I wanted to sit down with you all and give you an in depth updated on everything we have going on. If you’ve followed us for any period of time, you know that we have a TON going on and we couldn’t be more excited.

Specifically we’re going to talk about our online company that we purchased for $250K and just had an $80K month this past month, and is now worth well over $1 Million. I dive into how exactly we did this with a simple one product company in a specific niche.

A lot of these systems we cover today such as leverage, are what have driven us and our numerous companies achieve huge successes. I take a moment to identify what leverage is exactly and the many ways you can deploy leverage in your endeavors.

No matter what industry we’re in, or even different aspects of life, we use the same systems and resources to build ourselves, our businesses, even our families.

I also dive into our four square system to build and grow your business. Be sure to take notes and don’t miss this episode. If you’re like us, you’re serious about moving the needle and this episode will give you the insights to help you to do just that. Get out there, use this information, and keep crushing it.

Thanks for listening guys,

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